Margie Plus Big Fig Mattress

Since Harald and I are currently in the midst of some redecorating for Spring I am so excited to be doing my first mattress review for the revamp! Truth be told my whole life I have always struggled finding the right mattress for my plus size stature. All of my mattresses throughout my life have always been too soft and would always quickly wear out specifically at the point where I sleep. Specifically this last year I noticed I was having a lot more back and hip problems. Living in NYC and freelancing from home there I tend to use my bed a lot more then people working a 9-5pm job. I had seen a review of the brand on my good friend Ashley Nell Tipton page I knew I needed to try it out!

The order to delivery process for my My Big Fig mattress was super easy online and took about a month. When my bed was ready to be delivered I was notified via email and had a customer service rep checking in on the status of its arrival as well. I easily scheduled my delivery and the driver called me 30 minutes before he arrived to let me know he was close. The mattress and box spring arrived on time and with two men who removed my old mattress and disposed of it for me thankfully. The men quickly assembled the whole frame and mattress in about 30 minutes.

Im not going to lie, I have had this bed for a full month and the first night on my mattress was an odd one. Because this bed is made of high density foam it is meant to withstand 20 years of wear and tear along with support up to 2,000 lbs. Immediately I noticed how much firmer the new mattress was then my last one but quickly realized how much better the firm nature was for my body. After about three days I was fully adjusted to the new feel and was obsessed with how much better I was sleeping. Now after one month, the hip pain that I would keep waking up to because I tend to stay on one side when I sleep was completely gone!

After working so hard on my blog, writing for Yahoo, hosting, and dropping my album I feel so lucky to have found something that allows me to get the rest I need so that I can conquer everything I need to when I wake!

Check out Big Fig mattress HERE and let me know what you think..

xox Margie